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Nothing is more important than what drives us. I can't think of anything that drives us more than our belief system. At Warrior's Walk Ministries, we hold tightly to our beliefs, and stand firmly upon them. We ask that you take the time to read about what we believe, and the principles that guide us in our Christian walk..

We Believe in...


God is eternal, all-powerful, all knowing, and much, much bigger than us in every aspect. In one of the most incredible mysteries in the universe, there is one God who exists in three parts: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s from that relationship that we learn about true love, community, and joy.

Jesus Christ

Jesus was born from a virgin a little over two thousand years ago. He lived his whole life without sinning once, but willingly allowed himself to face the full wrath of God in order to take our place, bearing the punishment for all of our sins. He rose from the grave three days later, and is now sits at the right hand of God in Heaven, and is promised to return upon the day of judgement.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is promised to us by Jesus Christ himself. Once we repent and believe that Christ is our salvation, the Holy Spirit seals us into the body of Christ. He teaches us,  helps us to understand the Bible, gives us faith, prays to God for us when we don’t know what to say, and lives inside of every believer to assure them that God is going to finish what He started. 


Humans are born with an adverse nature to the things of God. Therefore, it is utterly impossible for us to save ourselves. Because we are accountable to a perfect, and righteous God, we rightfully are deserving of eternal punishment. But, if anyone turns away from their sin, repent and accept that Christ has taken the punishment that they deserved by dying on the cross and bearing God's wrath, they shall be saved.

Eternal Life

one day everyone will have to bow their knee to Christ. On the last day, the dead will be raised, along with the living and judged by God: those who have believed in Christ for their salvation will go with Him forever to serve in paradise. However, those who have not believed in the savior will be given over to eternal separation from God, and conscious torment in a place that is totally void of love, mercy, hope, or any chance of salvation.

The Bible

The Bible is the only thing we can fully trust in this world. When we’re reading the Bible, we’re reading the inspired words of God. The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) Gives us direction , as well as comfort in knowing that we are not only loved, we are saved.

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