May God's blessings be upon you. Welcome to 'The Warrior's Walk', where we do our best to prepare you for the warfare EVERY Christian must go through at some point in his/her life. We offer bible studies, as well as bible study quizzes to test the amount of knowledge you've retained. For those who feel they are more advanced in the word, we suggest testing your skills in our 'Trivia Room'. Are you itching to hear The Word of God? Visit 'Sermon Hill', where you will find a plethora of phenomenal sermons on topics ranging from Heaven to Hell, as well as all points in-between. 'The Warrior's Walk' is a forever growing website, with a host of new and refreshing ideas for the future. We are currently in the progress of developing our 'Kids for Christ Corner'. This area of the website will be dedicated to developing strong, biblically minded children through a host of animated videos, games, and interviews. The 'Kids for Christ Corner' will focus on teaching the youth reasons for their faith, as well as how to breakdown many of the most incredible and awe-inspiring stories found in the bible. 'The Warrior's Walk' is a growing community of Christians who are willing to put on the suit of armor and fight for Christ, we hope that you will join us someday. Until then, go with God, seeking His counsel in all that you do. May The Grace of God be upon you.